About PRU Fintegrate Programme Student Edition 2018

Calling all students to chart the future of Insurance together!

The PRU Fintegrate Programme Student Edition is Prudential Singapore's digital innovation competition for students in Singapore. In this competition, we have identified opportunities in 10 rapidly-growing areas where students can propose innovative solutions to these untapped opportunities.

If you are a student with a game-changing idea that could potentially transform the life insurance industry, we encourage you to submit your idea for a chance to win fantastic prizes. Submissions will close on 15 October 2018.


  • Gold
    • Lunch with the CEO from Prudential Singapore
    • Air ticket & accommodation to London
    • Exclusive invites to Prudential’s events
    • Opportunity to showcase your idea at the Singapore FinTech Festival 2018
    • Opportunity to partner with Prudential Singapore
  • Silver
    • S$1,000 + Exclusive invites to Prudential's events
  • Bronze
    • S$500 + Exclusive invites to Prudential's events


  • Submission Dateline: 15 October 2018
  • Review of Ideas and Shortlisting: 16-22 October 2018
  • Presentation of ideas: 30 October 2018

How to Register

To register your interest for the PRU Fintegrate Programme Student Edition, please click on the register button below to send us an email with the necessary details, including a one-page document (A4; minimum font size 11) that includes:

  • The problem statement that you are responding to.
  • An explanation to the solution.
  • An explanation on how would Prudential benefit from the solution?

Registrations have closed. Thank you for your interest.

Problem Statements

Building for the Digital Future

Instant Underwriting, Quotation and Policy Issuance
How can we use data-driven automation to simplify and initiate instantaneous underwriting, quotations, collection of premium and policy issuance, while maintaining prudence and enhancing customer experience?

Straight-through Processing of Claims and Payment
How can we build a system that expedites the claims process, requiring minimal human intervention and allows instantaneous claims payments?

Claims Analysis for Fraud Detection and Early Intervention
How can we better access and evaluate historical and real-time data for fraud detection, predict future claims and potential early intervention opportunities?

Engaging Customers Beyond the Initial Transaction
How can we engage customers beyond the initial transaction to create regular and valuable exchanges between them and their financial consultants; ensuring that financial consultants are well equipped with real-time information on their clients' changing needs over their lifecycle.

Compliance and Regulation
How do we utilise technology to adhere to the ever-changing regulatory landscape and streamline our internal compliance and legal processes?

Helping People to Live Well

Increasing Healthy Years for Customers
How do we detect diseases early, intervene at the right time and provide community support to customers with pre-existing conditions and use technology to improve their health?

Making Protection Critical
How do we make Protection coverage more inclusive, identify and target under-insured customers?

Financial Inclusion
How can we better help lower-income customer segments fulfill their insurance needs?

Integrated Healthcare Information
How can we empower customers to have access to their own health records from across various providers and with the customer's consent, use this information to develop personalised insurance products and solutions?

Enabling Businesses to Thrive

Facilitating Insurance Needs of SMEs
How can we encourage SMEs to make informed risk assessments based on their industries and make decisions concerning adequate insurance to cover their liabilities while also keeping their employees engaged?

Open Challenge

Is there a problem that we have yet to identify? Come to us with a problem, along with a proposed solution.

Who Can Apply?

Students who are currently enrolled in a 6-months or longer course in Singapore are eligible to participate.