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Bernie Lim


 As life can be unpredictable sometimes, it is always good to plan ahead and inject certainty by building financial safety nets for our clients. As a chartered financial planner, my job is to put in place a proper financial plan for clients, thus helping them find comfort and security in times of needs and enjoy the fruits of their labour during retirement. I value the friendship that I have forged over the years with my clients and I am honoured to be the one responsible for securing their long-term financial well-being. 


Accolades:  Premier Financial Consultant 2017, MDRT Qualifying and Life Member (Honor Roll since 2016)

Hobbies: Spending quality time with loved ones and clients and baking for special occasions.

Years of service: 16

Languages spoken: English, Mandarin, Hainanese, Hokkien, Teochew and Cantonese

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