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Jeslyn Low


 I joined Prudential while I was pursuing my degree in NUS. The reason I am in this career is because I believe in insurance and I find great meaning in helping my clients to plan for their lives. I always believe to be there for my clients during good and bad times. I am thankful for the trust my clients have placed in me because I value them dearly. As a Financial Consultant, my goal is to take weight off your shoulders by helping you approach life in a holistic planning. This involves planning for all aspects of your life, creating options for yourself and your family, from your future aspirations to unforeseen emergencies. As for my own future, I will look forward to helping more clients and their loved ones and grow old with them. 


Hobbies: Travelling, attending workshop like psychology and doing voluntary work

Years of service: 10

Languages spoken: English, Mandarin and Cantonese

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