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Serena Koh


 As an advocate for my clients, I believe in helping my clients in both good and bad times. One of my clients is a five-year-old girl diagnosed with acute liver failure, and her parents were faced with mounting hospital bills. Thankfully the child was insured by Prudential, and her parents could fully concentrate on taking care of her without having to bear the burden of financial stress. To my great joy, she has since recovered and is now like any healthy five-year-old child.  This experience has been humbling and rewarding as it made me realise that I could serve with such passion because I am helping my clients and giving them peace of mind during their most difficult time. I also take pride in preparing my clients for retirement, empowering them with dignity and confidence. 


Hobbies: Going for food hunts and travelling

Years of service: 10

Languages spoken: English and Mandarin

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