Frequently Asked Questions - About PRUprestige

  •  What is Prudential's PRUprestige Programme?

    Prudential's PRUprestige Programme, also known as PRUprestige, is designed exclusively for our highly valued customers. PRUprestige customers are entitled to a host of exclusive product privileges and services from Prudential.

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  •  How can I apply for PRUprestige?

    No application is required as PRUprestige is offered automatically to all new and existing Prudential customers when they meet the qualifying criteria.
  •  What is the qualifying criteria to become a PRUprestige customer?

    To qualify, you will need to maintain and be the owner of all the policies which amounts to a minimum of S$10,000 in annual premium or S$100,000 in single premium or a combination of both. However, policies where premiums are already paid-up, these premiums will not be taken into the qualifying criteria to become a PRUprestige customer.

    In situations where the policy’s premium payment term is less than 10 years, the annualised premium will be pro-rated when calculating the qualifying criteria to become a PRUprestige customer

               The formula is as follows: Premium Payment Term x Annualised Premium x 10%

    For example, a PRUsave limited pay 5 years plan with S$10,000 annualised premium will only contribute S$5,000 towards the qualifying criteria (5 years x S$10,000 annualised premium x 10%).
  •  How do I enjoy priority services at the Prudential Customer Centre?

    Simply provide your NRIC to our Customer Service Officer and you will be directed to the PRUprestige counters for an expedited service
  •  Is my PRUprestige status transferable?

    No, your PRUprestige status is not transferable.
  •  Are there any joining or annual fees for PRUprestige?

    No, there is no joining or annual fee for PRUprestige customers.
  •  Can my family members enjoy the 10% discount on first-year premium?

    Yes, they can. The nominated family member must be the spouse, parent or child (including those of adult age) of the PRUprestige customer. The nominated family member must also be the proposer of the new policy. To qualify the nominated family member for the discount, the PRUprestige customer must submit the following at the point of application:

    - PRUprestige Family Discount Declaration Form

    PruPrestige 10% off first year premiums Terms and Conditions apply.
  •  Which policies are eligible for the 10% discount on first-year premium?

    All new policies that qualify for discount under the PRUprestige Programme, and purchased after customer meets the PRUprestige qualifying criteria, are eligible. Existing policies or new policies used to meet the qualifying criteria for the minimum premium are not eligible for this discount.
    The plans that are eligible for discount may be subject to change.

    Please click here for the latest list of plans available
  •  Can I pay the premium by installments?

    To be eligible for the discount, the first-year discounted premium must be made in full. From the second year onwards, you can opt for a change in payment frequency.
  •  What happens if I decide not to take up the plan during the 14-day free-look period?

    You will get a full refund on the discounted premium amount paid.