PRUprestige VISA Signature Card

The PRUprestige VISA Signature Card is a by-invite-only credit card that empowers you with a wealth of VISA Signature rewards and exclusive privileges that will enrich your lifestyle and let you indulge to your heart's content.

  •   Key Benefits

    Hassle-free Premium Payment

    Pay your premiums through your PRUprestige VISA Signature Card. Forget about the hassle of writing cheques and mailing out your payments. You can now charge your Regular Premium Payments (RPP)* to your PRUprestige VISA Signature Card.

    Simply fill in the Prudential Credit Card RPP form to start your hassle-free premium payment now!

    Earn 1.5x Reward Points and use it to offset your Premiums

    PRUprestige VISA Signature Card - the only card that helps you pay for your insurance premiums at a faster rate.

    For every S$1 charged to your card, you'll earn 1.50 reward points, which can be converted into a cash equivalent to offset your Prudential insurance premiums or buy additional Prudential coverage. Start redeeming now and enjoy savings on your premium.

    Reward points Conversion Cash equivalent to pay Prudential
    Insurance Premiums
    3,000 reward points (minimum redemption) S$12.00
    Subsequent 300 reward points S$1.20

    Please click here to download your redemption request form.

    Annual Fee Waiver

    Enjoy two years fee waiver and free-for-life supplementary cards.

    *Annual fee will be waived for retail spending of $6,000 per annum on your PRUprestige VISA Signature Card from third year onwards. Subjected to approval from Standard Chartered Bank. The supplementary cards are free as long as the principal card is valid.
  •   Lifestyle and Regional Privileges

    Great deals every day

    Live The Good Life every day with over 1,000 great deals islandwide from dining offers to shopping, travel and lifestyles benefits. Visit for a full list of privileges.

    Travel & Private Club Access

    Enjoy complimentary privileges at a host of members-only establishments and prestigious private clubs in Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. What’s more, discover a menu of amazing escapades with the Visa Access Unique Travel Program. For more of these privileges, please visit


    Enjoy discounted green-fees all year round at 18 finest golf courses in Asia, along with exclusive access to the world's most celebrated golf courses. For more of these privileges, please visit

    VISA Signature Concierge Service

    Need assistance? VISA Signature Concierge service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to attend to your lifestyle needs, such as planning a trip, booking a flight, hotel or restaurant, car rental, theatre tickets and more. Simply call 800 448 1450.
  •  Apply For Supplementary Card

    As a main cardmember, you can apply for up to 5 supplementary cards. Please click here to download the application form for a Supplementary Card.

    With a retail spending of S$6,000 (including your Prudential insurance premiums charged to the card), the subsequent year's annual fee will be waived.

    Annual Fees*

      First Year Second Year Subsequent Years
    Principle Card Free Free S$180
    Supplementary Card Free Free Free

    To apply for the PRUprestige VISA Signature Card now, please call your Prudential Financial Consultant or our PruCustomer Line at 1800 333 0333.

    Please click here to view the cardmembers' agreement.

    *The annual fee will automatically be waived with a retail spending of $6,000 (including your Prudential insurance premiums charged to the card). Your reward points will not be used to offset the annual fee waiver.
  •  Frequently Asked Questions


    1. How can I apply for the PRUprestige VISA Signature Card?
    2. What happens if my card is stolen or misplaced?
    3. I've forgotten to pay last month's balance on time. Will there be a late payment fee?
    4. What is the minimum payment?
    5. How do I get a replacement ATM PIN?

    About Regular Premium Payment

    1. What is Regular Premium Payment?
    2. Is there any premium payment charge for paying my regular premium using my PRUprestige VISA Signature Card?
    3. Whose regular premiums can you pay for using your PRUprestige VISA Signature Card?
    4. If I am a supplementary cardholder, can I still use my PRUprestige VISA Signature Card to pay my Prudential insurance premiums?
    5. What are the regular premium plans that are eligible for Regular Premium Payment?
    6. What are the payment modes available for Regular Premium Payment?
    7. Do I have to change my billing frequency when I opt for my Prudential premium payment via my PRUprestige VISA Signature Card?
    8. Do I earn reward points when I charge my regular premiums through the PRUprestige VISA Signature Card?
    9. If I am currently paying my premium via Giro, do I need to call my existing bank to cancel my GIRO arrangement?
    10. How do I terminate my premium payment via my PRUprestige VISA Signature Card?
    11. What is the process if I would like to charge my existing policies to my PRUprestige VISA Signature Card?
    12. How long will it take to effect my Prudential Credit Card Regular Premium Payment for my existing policy?
    13. When will my Prudential insurance premiums be charged from my PRUprestige VISA Signature Card?
    14. How do I know if my Prudential insurance premiums have been successfully charged to my PRUprestige VISA Signature Card?
    15. Can I pay my first Prudential insurance premium using other credit cards and pay my subsequent premiums upon approval of my PRUprestige VISA Signature Card?
    16. How will I be notified if my application to charge my Prudential insurance premiums to my PRUprestige VISA Signature card is successful?

    About Insurance Redemption

    1. Can I use reward points to pay for all Prudential insurance premiums?
    2. How do I convert my reward points to its cash equivalent to pay my new or existing Prudential insurance premiums?
    3. Can I use reward points to pay for insurance premiums with insurers other than Prudential?
    4. Can I use reward points to pay my family member's Prudential insurance premiums?
    5. Do I need to use my reward points by a certain date?
  •   Please contact your Prudential Financial Consultant to find out how to obtain your PRUprestige VISA Signature Credit Card.